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PhilHealth probes fraudulent benefit claims by doctors, institutions – jj

PhilHealth probes fraudulent benefit claims by doctors, institutions

The country’s health insurance provider investigating thousands of suspected anomalous benefit claims involving doctors and health institutions. PhilHealth’s new president says, there will be a crackdown on everyone involve in corruption within the agency.



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  1. Nawala ang respeto ko s mga doktor n ito.
    Nakawan mo ang mayayaman, maiintindihan ko pa. Pero nakawan mo ang mahihirap n nag aagaw buhay? Ewan ko lang kung anu p ang mas sasama diyan.
    Nakakahiya kayong mga nasa propesyon n yan. Nakakahiya

  2. Govt Phil Health is the cash cow of doctors … this is the cookie jar of fraud.. Doctors are actually witches and wizards.. They practice the art of witchcraft called pharmakeia . logo of medicine is the staff with two coiled snakes around it.. Thats an occultic symbol of lucifer.. And lucifer comes as the snake the old serpent of old as described in the Bible.. Its goal is bringing death to humanity (God s creation ) by using sleigh of hands, mischief, disease, murder , lies and what not..

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