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The Truth About Nepal's Healthcare : What you can expect when things go wrong – jj

The Truth About Nepal's Healthcare : What you can expect when things go wrong


The Truth About Nepal Healthcare : What you can expect when things go wrong

After being in Nepal for 8 years now, I thought I understood how to get decent healthcare in Nepal. I have to admit it; I was wrong. It was only after falling and needing 11 stitches on my forehead that I really learned the truth about healthcare in Nepal.

Follow along as we explore this subject. My promise to you; I will never lie to you on this channel and I will do my best to provide you with the information to keep you safe while you’re in Nepal. If I find out that I’ve been wrong about something I promise to include what I learn and let you know when I’m wrong about something.

Although the entire ordeal cost under $160, it could have been a lot worse. This was at a time when this money was not just my last little bit, but I still owed several Nepal friends for loans. I have received the money now, after 2 months of serious financial problems. I’m so grateful for the support from so many generous Nepali friends and family, as well as my dear brother, Tim.

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