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Understanding Electricity (Documentary) – jj

Understanding Electricity (Documentary)

A Documentary video describing the electricity in a different way for better understanding . Regards Saqer Khalil +966-540591074 Jeddah , Saudi Arabia …


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  1. Yes they did not mention Tesla, its an older documentary, most of them didnt, chill and learn what you can. Tesla didnt invent electricity even though he made electronics inventions, this is about electricity.

    PS: Tesla talked to Pigeons…WITH HIS MIND!!!!!!!!!! look it up

  2. You guys in the comments are freaking out about Tesla not being mentioned. Wtf, they killed Elvis Presley in the opening with electricity… This wasn't started on a good note.

  3. Ben Franklin was a con artist, he didn't invent anything his many members of staff did but his name was on the patent application, he owned the company and as far as he saw it he was in charge, he was paying for it.

  4. That satellite generation plan is just stupid. At the end of the day, all you are doing is converting the spacecraft's momentum into electricity. Where did that kinetic energy come from in the first place? Isn't that from the rocket propellant? You might as well be bringing extra fuel for your fuel cell battery for the trouble deploying that.

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