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Apple has reportedly ditched its AR specs – or has it? – jj

Apple has reportedly ditched its AR specs – or has it?


IT LOOKS LIKE we’ll never have the simple joy of people turning themselves into Apple-branded Borgs. 

According to DigiTimes, sources at Apple say that the augmented reality glasses division was disbanded in May and sent off to work on other parts of the company instead, leaving their AR dreams behind. Apparently, the departure of HoloLens co-creator Avi Bar-Zeev was the final nail in the coffin for a project that Apple simply lost faith in.

Or was it? iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith isn’t so sure, arguing that there’s enough in the iOS 13 to suggest that the glasses were close to being ready. If that’s the case, it would be a very abrupt cancellation.

So, who to believe? We would draw Apple into this, but there’s only so often you can be told that the company “doesn’t comment on rumour or speculation” before you get the message. 

On the one hand, Troughton-Smith makes a strong case. The evidence is there to see in the code, and analysts have been talking about Apple Specs emerging for so long that you feel that killing a product this close to its debut would be madness. 

There was talk of the glasses going into production as early as October. You may well believe that AR glasses will just look ridiculous and quickly find their way into bargain bins everywhere as people balk at the idea of wearing a computer on their face. You may be right, but Apple has been aware of the sartorial challenges since Day One, so it seems a stretch that they only just heard of the Google Glass cautionary tale in May. 

On the other: AirPower says “hi”. µ

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