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Apple is spending $15 million an episode on its Jason Momoa sci-fi drama 'See' – jj

Apple is spending $15 million an episode on its Jason Momoa sci-fi drama 'See'


When it comes to the content of the upcoming Apple TV+ subscription service, it appears Apple is sparing no expense. According to the Wall Street Journal, the iPhone maker is shelling out big bucks on some of its headline shows. Specifically, Apple is said to have a production budget of $15 million per episode for the Jason Momoa-led sci-fi series See.

To put that in perspective, $15 million is what HBO spent per episode on the final six episodes of the Game of Thrones series and what Disney is spending per episode on its upcoming flagship Disney+ Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian.

The budget is good news for those worried about the quality of Apple TV+’s content offerings. Matter of fact, it’s some of the only news we’ve received about Apple TV+’s content offerings since Apple previewed the service back in March. While Apple did say the service will launch this fall, we still haven’t learned how much it will cost and if it will include any third-party content like other streaming services, or just feature Apple’s original content.

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