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Apple lowers price of MacBook Pro, Air for college students – jj

Apple lowers price of MacBook Pro, Air for college students


New Delhi: Apple on Tuesday updated its Mac devices for ‘Back to School’ purchases, wherein the MacBook Air has been bumped up with True Tone to its Retina display and price lowered to Rs 99,900 – and an even lower price of Rs 92,704 for students.

The entry-level Rs 119,900 13-inch MacBook Pro has been updated with the latest 8th-generation quad-core processor, Touch Bar and Touch ID, a True Tone Retina display and the Apple T2 Security Chip and is its price cut to Rs 111,264 for college students.

“College students love the Mac – it’s the notebook they rely on from the dorm room to the classroom,” Tom Boger, Senior Director of Mac Product Marketing, said in a statement.

MacBook Air features a thin and light design, with security of Touch ID, an 8th-generation dual-core processor, wide stereo sound and all-day battery life.

Its 13-inch Retina display now features True Tone that automatically adjusts the colour temperature of the display for a more comfortable viewing experience, according to the company.

The updated devices are part of Apple’s ‘Back to School’ promotion available to higher education students, their parents, faculty, staff and home-school teachers through the Apple Education Store.

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