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Apple's Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 7 and 8 is on sale for $78 – jj

Apple's Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 7 and 8 is on sale for $78


If you’re still using the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, then you may have noticed your phone’s battery getting less effective over time. Even if you’re using a new version, you know that’s going to happen eventually. As it is with all phones. Grab Apple’s official Smart Battery Case on sale for $78. It’s back-ordered until July 17, but you can still order at this discounted price right now. It has only dropped this low a couple times this year and normally sells for around $100. The black version is also down to this price, but it’s even more out of stock than the white version.

Stay in the green

Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7 or iPhone 8

Man, nothing more tragic in life than watching a movie and getting that “Low Battery Mode” popup when you get down to 20%. Avoid it completely with this case.

$78.00 $100.00 $22 off

The Smart Battery case helps ensure that your phone is never dead by providing additional power to it without you even having to turn it on. Combined with the Smart Battery Case, your iPhone 7 will give you up to 22 hours of battery life for browsing the web, up to 24 hours of watching video, and 26 hours of talk time. The case is actually compatible with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, however you will not be able to use the wireless charging function of the newer handset with the case on (which you won’t need as much with this case, of course).

If you have a phone that’s more recent like something from the iPhone X lineup, then grab the newer version of this battery case.

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