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Awesome Fiberglass Pool Installation Video! – jj

Awesome Fiberglass Pool Installation Video!

Brand new from www.riverpoolsandspas.com! This step-by-step fiberglass pool installation video is a must for anyone considering the purchase of a fiberglass pool. Excavation, plumbing, lifting and setting the pool, and filling the pool with water are are demonstrated and explained.


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  1. This contractor did an excellent job installing this pool, Beware of any contractors not following this method because your pool will move and underground pipes will break and leak. and now you have a BIG problem! Fiberglass pools can change color if chemicals are not kept at the correct readings…. the Gel coat will fade and you will lose that bright blue color….

  2. There are a wide variety of models and sizes out there. Look at the San Juan ones as an example. Most have deeper ends, but not sure if more than 8 feets. They have to travel "as is" so there are limits, but there are conveniences too.

  3. if you are buying a used fiberglass pool like i did this guys videos are a must to watch, very good at what they do and explain everthing. thanks again to jason and to you tube, Carlos from Albuquerque my pool came out freaking awasome

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