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Exclusive: Modi government's special plan, these farmers will get help of 24 lakh rupees! – Modi government new scheme for farmers give 24 lakh rupees subsidy by agro machinery bank beneficial kisan get loan from banks – jj

Exclusive: Modi government's special plan, these farmers will get help of 24 lakh rupees! – Modi government new scheme for farmers give 24 lakh rupees subsidy by agro machinery bank beneficial kisan get loan from banks


If you are a farmer then a scheme of Narendra Modi Government can do you a lot of money. You can make a good money by making a farm machinery machine for farmers by making a farm machinery bank. On the machines you will buy for machinery bank Government subsidy upto Rs 24 lakh Will give. The effort is to ensure that farming is not only made easy by means of machines but also by increasing the production by reducing cost. For this Modi government is giving funds to the states. You will have to contact the engineering division of your state's agricultural department to take advantage.

How to get Rs 24 lakh- A senior official of the Ministry of Agriculture told News 18 Hindi that if you build a private agricultural machine bank (custom hiring center), then the government is charging 40 per cent of its own money. Under this, you can get the project upto 60 lakh rupees. That is, understanding the needs of the farmers in their area, they can buy so much money machines. Your government will invest Rs 24 lakh in this project.

>> You can also prepare a machine bank by making a cooperative group. But the group should have 6 to 8 farmers. The group will have a project of a maximum of Rs 10 lakhs. That is, you can get a subsidy of up to 8 lakh rupees. So far, around 20 thousand agricultural machines have become banks across the country.

Modi Government Scheme Farmer Gets 24 Lac Rupess Under the scheme, Modi Government will give 24 lakhs to the farmers>> Agricultural scientist Saikat Kushwaha says that more production of crops needs time. If the production is to be taken more then the use of advanced agricultural machinery in farming is necessary. Due to which agricultural work is early and reduction in production cost.

>> There are more than 90 per cent small farmers in the country who have less land, their financial condition is not such that they can afford to buy modern agricultural machinery at a higher cost. Therefore, if implemented properly, then there will be a change in the lives of the farmers.

Conditions apply: Farmers will have to pay machines at government rate

>> The Rules for Agricultural Machinery Bank, Uttar Pradesh, have written that the government will not be responsible for the availability of land for setting up the center.

>> In office, the attendance register, machine register, mechanized rental rate, machine movement register, rental receipt, CA should be kept certified balance sheet.

>> The owner who owns it should have land to make a shade on the side of the road. Have to make an office Agricultural machinery taken under the scheme can not be sold for five years.

Modi Government Scheme Farmer Gets 24 Lac Rupess Government wants to promote machines in agriculture (symbolic photos)

>> It will be compulsory to accept the rent determined by the government on different machines. The machines will provide the machines only on government rates.

>> The tractor that will be used under this will be used for agricultural work only in the agricultural season. When agriculture does not work at the time of the rain, then the tractor will be used in other work.

>> Department officials can inspect the machine from time to time. The government will keep records of each machine

Such applications will-If you are a farmer of UP then apply online in the Agriculture Department here. There will be residential certificate, educational qualification, status certificate, bank non-credit certificate and farming papers.

Modi Government Scheme Farmer Gets 24 Lac Rupess Women will get 30% reservation in this scheme. (Symbolic photo)

>> After this the application will be accepted by matching the original copies. With the application, the stamp paper of Rs. 100 will be verified by notarized and a memorandum will also be given. Deputy Agricultural Director will give the complete project to the bank.

>> The project will be passed only after the approval of the bank. There will be no subsidy on agricultural machinery selected before the scheme. Similarly, in different states, the Department of Agriculture has created a scheme to make the machine bank. You can take advantage of this by contacting the Deputy Director of Agriculture directly.

The benefits apply in the benefits- 30 percent of the total beneficiaries will remain women. 50% will be small and marginal farmers. 16 percent for Scheduled Castes farmers and 8 percent quota for tribals.

The need of these machines is growing in the cultivation-Tractor, Combine Harvester, Zero Till Seed Less Fertilizer Drill, Paddy Rice Transplant, Laser Land Leveler, Rotavator, Fertilizer Drill, Multicrop Thresher, Xial Flow Paddy Thresher etc.

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