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Google CEO Sundar Pichai exclusive interview with Daily Bhaskar on his 47th birthday | How busy, the family should give enough time: beautiful pichai – jj

Google CEO Sundar Pichai exclusive interview with Daily Bhaskar on his 47th birthday | How busy, the family should give enough time: beautiful pichai


  • Now 'AI' will be the biggest game-changer in the world of technology
  • Indian youth should visit Silicon Valley once

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 12, 2019, 08:19 PM IST

California. Today Google CEO Sundar Pichai is celebrating its 47th birthday. In the last 15 years, with Gogh, the beauty of life has seen many ups and downs in the world, especially in Tech World. At the birthday party, former Google employee for Dainik Bhaskar and currently working in the UK, Tech Guru Siddharth Rajhans tried to understand his life and work.

Pretty says that we are now taking care of every product and service of Google that it can solve any problems in the world. Also, take time for your family, why you are so busy. It is a virtue that should be in every human being.

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<p><u><strong>Bhaskar's question and answer to Pichai </strong></u></p>

<p><em><strong>Three changes in the world are happening fast – 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Electric Vehicles Which of these three thinks game changer?</strong></em></p>

<p><strong>beautiful:</strong> Personally, I am in favor of 'AI' and support it. I think doing something new with a responsibility that means game changer in the "Responsive Innovation" industry. I was talking to the students of Technische Universität in the past days and I kept my thoughts in front of this topic. I think that 5G is a good change, but it will only take technology one step ahead – it can call the upgradation of the existing communications industry's technology. But, which is the real leap that will take technology a lot, it is "AI" and I will name it as a game changer. </p>

<p><em><strong>What is your mind about Google and its contribution to the world? </strong></em></p>
<p><strong>beautiful: </strong>I did a Google game in 2004 and I have passed through many experiences of innovation and product management here. I have seen this company changing to new variants such as Chrome operating system, Chrome browser, Google Drive, Gmail and Maps. I think that Google has become a unique company in the world and today it is synonymous with the Internet. Our goal is to carry this ideology further further.</p>

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How did life change after four years as Google CEO?

beautiful: I would say that more than a position, it is a responsibility to make the future a living. It has the capability to handle the speed of technology ahead and build on it – it is exciting, as well as challenging work. But, my life is almost the same as it was- my companions, family and friends are all like that. Yes, the ability to reach and lead people has increased very fast and I am grateful to it.

What should be a quality in an Indian youth, so that it can become the second beautiful river?

beautiful: I feel that if they work hard from the beginning and when they are studying at school, they will be able to get ahead in life if they perform well by paying attention to both sports and studies simultaneously. I am a small example, there are many Indians in the Bay Area (Gulf Area) of California, who have enhanced the respect of India.

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<p><strong>The three big changes that you have brought to Google as a CEO? Which of your thinking should be in every successful company and its employees? </strong></p>
<p><strong>beautiful: </strong>I believe that a good leader should be accountable for everything happening in his company. So I think the first change will be – "Accountability". I regularly talk with Google's colleagues via mass-email. This helps me handle the company and share my values ​​with everyone.</p>

<p>The second point of change in my eyes will be "Inclusivity". There was a lot of headlines around the world, when I removed a Google employee from the company who said that biological women are not suitable for completing some projects. With full force, I believe in criticizing anyone on the basis of physical symptoms is completely wrong. Therefore, with the participation of everyone, the inclusion and the inclusion are the qualities of a good CEO.</p>

<p>Third, reconstruct your company under the alphabet of the alphabet – we have our responsibility to pay attention to core technology that runs Google. Therefore having a "clear vision" on technology is an important aspect of my leadership style. </p>

<p>I think a good mix of these core values ​​will take any good company to the path of progress.</p>

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After coming back to power after PM Modi, do Indians have any special plans for more jobs?

beautiful: I think PM Modi is doing a very good job. I generally refrain from saying any political thing. We are constantly expanding our base in India and new jobs are also adding to our portfolio. We will continue to engage Indians with you like this and I think they are very necessary Googleers for us.

Your message to young Indians?

beautiful: Be proud of being your Indian and keep working hard. It is not necessary that you will always get success or you will get the opportunity to work in the same domain (the field) in which you have studied. I myself have metallurgical engineering and today I am the head of one of the world's largest software companies. Having a dream, having a vision is a good thing, but constant hard work is the key to success.

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<h4 class=10 Things: Pichai's Choice and Life Value

  1. Which quality is necessary?

    'Give enough time to my family' According to me, the most essential qualities for a father. After becoming CEO, I made a habit of making sure that I return home before the time of the children's sleep. I feel that the foundation of a good society is only by becoming a good father.

  2. Who spend time with?

    It's best to spend time with your children, Kiran and Kavya. My son Kiran recently has a Cryptocarbon Mine named Itrium in my made home-made gaming pc. It's a good idea to talk about a whole day with dinner table and talk about things like your economy. My wife Anjali is also a big support system.

  3. What humming?

    I do not sing very well, but now it has become such a habit that whenever I get a chance I listen to songs on YouTube Music. My playlist contains a mix of top 10 songs in trend. I love Bollywood too. I usually hummel, and that's why I like American Singer Bruno Mars.

  4. Whose hand-made food?

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<p>I'm a vegetarian, so I like everything that mother makes. I like curd and rice, especially Chennai.</p>
<h3>Favorite movie?</h3>
<p>I like to see "The Man Who New Infinity". In this, actor Dev Patel played the role of Srinivasa Ramanujan. I would like to see it again.</p>
<h3>Who likes Bollywood?</h3>
<p>Deepika Padukone. I appreciate his work.</p>
<h3>Any favorite place?</h3>
<p>Since your site is for Indians, then I would like to tell the youth and techno-friendly people of India to see Silicon Valley. The visit there will give you a knowledge-based experience of the world of technology and entrepreneurship.</p>
<h3>Favorite smartphone?</h3>
<p>I liked to use Blackberry at a time. However, according to the current generation of smartphones today, I am the fan of Pixel 3XL.</p>
<h3>Favorite cricketer?</h3>
<p>I like cricket. I was the captain of my school cricket team. I follow cricket with passion and I think Kohli is doing very well. I am also looking at the ICC World Cup and I think Rohit Sharma is the name which I have great expectations. </p>
<h3>A motivational idea?</h3>
<p>It is, "The ability to empower others around you is a wonderful value" means the ability to empower the people around you is an amazing quality. The spirit of competing in just one race will take us all back. This is something I am trying to do as a CEO too. Finding solutions for people's problems is the most important thing for me. "Responsible use of technology" without the violation of privacy is something that I have been talking about these days.</p>

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