How Children Learn | If you want to have your child become a topper then try it at home.


London: In the first few years of life, if children find a good environment for study at home, then they can get better grades in the future through home learning and can perform better in studies. This has been revealed in a research. Research published in 'School Effectiveness and School Improvement' has revealed that those parents whose parents read with the children before sending the school and talked about books, all of them at the age of 12 years of mathematics Come up with good points in the subject.

Simon Lehrl, principal author of the University of Bamberg Research, said, "Our results underscore the great importance of highlighting children not only for literacy, but also in numeracy." He said, "Elementary language skills not only improve the reading of a child, but also increase their mathematical ability."

To conclude, researchers studied 229 German children from the age of three to secondary school. The participants tested the literacy and numerical skills in their three-year preschool (age 3-5) and the second time they were tested after 12 or 13 years of age.

They found that children received literacy, language and arithmetic skills in their preschool years with the encouragement of the house, as a result, after this, they were able to get high results in reading and secondary mathematical skills, regardless of the learning environment at home.

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