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How to get your first real estate wholesale deal interview #58| $52,000 Cold Calling – jj

How to get your first real estate wholesale deal interview #58| $52,000 Cold Calling

How to get your first real estate wholesale deal interview #58: Joe Close her 1st Real Estate Wholesale Deal from COLD CALLING and made $52000. I brought …


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  1. If this video add any kinda value to ya and if you feel me and understand what I’m trying to say then SMASH that thumb up ?? for me. ?. Subscribe if you haven’t already and let take our life and biz to a whole nother level ??. C’mon man LETS GO!!

  2. First off congratulations to this guy on his first deal. As for the buyer using an environmental issue to negotiate the property down. I would of just gave him a $8,000 discount to cover the mandatory filing fee and offered to put $92,000 of the sales proceeds into an escrow to be held for a period of 1 year that could be used for reimbursement up to actual occurred costs but not to exceed the amount in escrow in the unlikely eventuality that he would have to spend additional money fixing an issue pertaining to this. If after 1 year the money or whatever portion was not debited for this specific issue would be released to the seller.

  3. Has anyone actually made any money in their bank account with this? I just see people in the comments failing, talking about closing deals and "hustlin" but nobody is closing deals like this "on their first deal" and it all just looks like guru fluff

  4. Wait so he was calling a pre forclosure list and put a property that was about to foreclose into contract with the closing date as "to be determined"??? How would the seller be protected and be able to get out of contract because locking up pre foreclosure you need to be on it!!

  5. Man I need some help I’ve been going hard for 3 months and I’ve lost 3 deals man I’ve even lost my family because of financial reasons but I’m going to keep going hard man I know my day is coming

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