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How to Recover Lost Data on Mac For Free Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – jj

How to Recover Lost Data on Mac For Free Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard


How to Recover Lost Data on Mac For Free Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Data loss is a part of life. You can either accidentally delete part of your hard drive, or you can end up damaging a drive altogether. This is especially common when you use flash drives or external drives to move data between multiple computers. The failure rate goes through the roof. But usually, the data (or at least a part of it) is still hiding underneath the corrupted layer. And sometimes it can be recovered. Here’s how to do that using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on Mac.

Download: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (Free)

How to Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to Recover Lost Files on Mac

How it Works

EaseUS’s data recovery software is a simple, one-click tool that can help you recover deleted, lost, formatted or corrupted files. It works for your local storage and for external storage too. The tool works best when used as early as possible from the time of corruption or data loss. As time goes on, looking for lost data gets more difficult.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works for more than 200 different file types. Ranging from photos, documents, videos, to even emails. The app can be used to recover and then repair files. The app works with the latest macOS version as well. And it works with hard drives, SSDs, flash drives, memory cards, SD card, digital cameras and more.

The app has two versions. The free version will let you recover data up to 2GB. Which should be enough if what you’re looking for is to recover accidentally deleted photos or files. If you want to recover unlimited data, you can use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Pro. It usually retails for $89.95 but as an iPhoneHacks reader, you’ll get a 50% discount when you use our link. The paid upgrade also comes with a free lifetime technical support so you can just call or message them ask for any kind of help.

How to Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is quite easy to use. It’s a simple three-step process. Before you begin the scanning process, you’ll have to give the app system access so it can scan the entire hard drive (the app won’t be fully functional if you don’t do that). The process of giving the app system access is quite easy and is shown by the app itself during the initial launch.

Step 1: Once you’ve given the app system access, you’ll see the app’s home screen. From here, you can choose which device to scan. By default, it will choose the local drive, but you can choose to a different partition or an external drive.

Step 2: Now, click on the Scan button.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 2

Step 3: The app will start scanning through the entire hard drive, file by file, looking for file or data that can be recovered. You’ll see the progress bar, how many files have been recovered, and the tile left, in the top toolbar. You can pause or stop the scanning at any time. For my 128GB MacBook Pro SSD, it took around 30 to fully scan the drive.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 3

Step 4: Even when the scanning is continuing, you can see a list of deleted files that can be recovered by clicking on the Path or the Type section in the left sidebar. You can select any file, then click on Recover Now to recover it.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 4

Step 5: You’ll be asked to pick the destination for the recovered file. You can choose to recover it to local storage or to the cloud. By default, the app will warn you not to recover the data to the same drive as it was restored from as it might lead to data issues down the line. To be absolutely sure, you can choose to recover the data to a cloud drive instead.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 1

And that’s it. In a while, the file will show up at your destination and then you’ll be able to open the file and access all its contents.

Try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard For Yourself

Now that you understand how the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works and how easy and safe it is to use, you should try it out for yourself. Download the free version from EaseUS’s website to recover up to 2GB data for free. And when needed, upgrade to the Pro version (50% off using our link).

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