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How to train your dragon Score: The dragon book – jj

How to train your dragon Score: The dragon book

track six


movie (C) DreamWorks

Score (C) John Powell


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  1. I can assure you that Toothless or any other Night Fury ABSOLUTELY CANNOT break the sound barrier. No dragon can break the sound barrier, its very unrealistic even though its an animated movie. If Toothless were to go super sonic shouldn't his wings be like destroyed? Or better yet, should he have Hiccup on his back, Hiccup would of died by like his body being shredded up into nothing. Maybe not to that extent but at least fall off from that speed, his harness wouldn't be able to keep him on.

  2. Will eat anything that fits into it's powerful jaws, and even that which doesn't.
    Unless friend of Night Fury, or if one is in command/possession of significant combat-capable aircraft/orbital assets, do not confront.

  3. Also, who else thinks that the 0:39 – 1:05 version of the Green Death theme sounds like the Ark Trek from Indiana Jones? Also, the 1:07 – 1:26 version of the Toothless theme sounds like Sherlock Holmes kinda. Just my opinion

  4. @burningblue3196 Very good comment, only thing I think isn't quite right is the term 'owner'. Hic-up is Toothless' friend, not his boss. That's what makes this movie so powerful I think, Toothless had no friends or others of his kind, he was all alone, till he met the one viking who wouldn't kill a dragon. 🙂

  5. I bet the dragon manual is one of those books where wou read it for a long time, it scares you to hell and when you turn round you think there's going to be a scary dragon waiting to turn you inside out. Nevertheless, I really think they should bring out the dragon manual (updated of couse) as a real book. I'd definately buy it.

  6. The Thunderdrum, The Timberjack, Scauldron, Changewing, Gronckle, Zippleback, The Scrill, Boneknapper, Whispering Death, kills its victims, burys its victims, chokes its victims. turns its victims inside out. Extremely dangerous, extremely dangerous, extremely dangerous, kill on sight, kill on sight, kill on sight…. Night Fury. Size: Unknown. Speed: unknown. The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself, NEVER engage this dragon. Your only hope is to hide and pray it does not find you…

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