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I will face my indecisions #AportoLoMejorDeMi – Alberto Linero live. – jj

I will face my indecisions #AportoLoMejorDeMi – Alberto Linero live.

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Do not let the fear of the future make you live the worst of those present keep in mind that we can all have moments of indecision. It is normal that before a determination we have a moment of reflection, of analysis and not always have clear how to proceed. Why are we undecided? Sure there are many variables that lead us to live that way, but I believe that at least there are four fundamental reasons we will talk about in this video: We were not taught to make decisions, we are afraid of making mistakes, we are afraid of the consequences and finally we hear many voices I invite you then to identify your real objective and also the possible options to reach that goal, analyze the pros and cons, ask for help if necessary and act. Accompany me!

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  1. El espiritu Santo nos ayude a tomar las mejores decisiones y que estas no nos causen daño a nosotros mismos y a quienes están junto a nosotros
    Tristemente la gente egoísta no piensan si no en si mismos y no
    en el mal que con su decisión le pueda hacer a los demás .
    El Cristiano debe sacrificar un poco su ego y favorecer a otros por amor.

  2. Grazie Alberto Linero  per la tua parola riguardante il dovere che ho di prendere una decisione in un momento della vita. Non importa se sbaglio, l'importante è prendere una decisione ed agire di conseguenza !!!! Non sono una marionetta siciliana che viene comandata dai fili che la fanno muovere.Jo voy a enfrentar mis indecisiones !!!!

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