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Joe Rogan Recommends Four Simple Exercises for a Ferocious Workout – jj

Joe Rogan Recommends Four Simple Exercises for a Ferocious Workout

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1281 w/Tom Papa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgLAhLzw2s8


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  1. Navy diver P.T. 4 count , push ups down up down up ,1 down up down up 2. Running after a couple of miles headed back to the barn We ran another lap ,never to anticipate the end of P.T. in diver training

  2. Loose weight… eat less move more start now
    Stronger… every hour (minus sleep) do PU till failure… SU till failure… air squats till failure… 5K every other day. Eat as much real food you want no fastfood. Water drink it! Read books vs TV. Get a gun… go to 3Gun training. BECOME JOHN WICK

  3. The physics of those pullup bars are applied on the bar pressing horizontally into the doorframe/wall. Not from the hook mounted on the top. It's a basic fulcrum lol. Those bars can definitely hold your weight. I weighed 205, hooked 70+ lb to my waist and did pullups for reps. For months on end. Still holds up just fine. I don't have an industrial doorframe. Just basic bedroom doorway.

  4. Start out with bodyweight exactly I used to lift heavy fuck that it fucks up joints tendons now I go lighter and more volume I'm jacked as fuck doing that anywere I go people are saying shit and it feels good after yrs of hard as work. Anyone can do it if they want it bad enough. You have to want it bad really bad like you want a chick bad.

  5. If you go through a deck of cards doing pushups, every day for a month, at the end of that month you will be able to do a warmup of 100 in a row without much fatigue at the end. Then do the deck. The randomness of the reps really helps to shock the muscles. Between cards, take a 10 to 15 sec rest.

    A = 15
    K-10 = 10
    9-5 = Number Shown
    4-2 = 2x Number Shown

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