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kenya man return to aurangabad maharashtra for return Rs.200 debt to family | After returning the money of 200 rupees 30 years later, Aurangabad MP from Kenya, learn the complete case – jj

kenya man return to aurangabad maharashtra for return Rs.200 debt to family | After returning the money of 200 rupees 30 years later, Aurangabad MP from Kenya, learn the complete case


Mumbai : Maharashtra's Aurangabad has got a beautiful tale of relationships. A person from Kenya reached Aurangabad after 30 years to repay their 200 rupees loan. When he lived in Aurangabad 30 years ago, Kashinath Gawli's family helped him. After studying in India, she returned to Kenya. Make MP there. But I did not forget my relationship with the Gawli family of Aurangabad. After returning 30 years later, the Gawli family gave him the same love and respect, which made him emotional.

Richard Tongie came to Aurangabad to study the management. From 1985 to 1989, he lived in Aurangabad. He studied at Maulana Elad College here. Kashinath Gawli's grocery store was near the college. From there, Richard used to buy the goods he needed. Many times Richard had no money, Kashinath Gawli used to lend him. In this case, there was a relationship of trust between the two. When money came, Richard gave it to Kashinath. When money was not there, he used to take the goods from Kashinath's shop and borrowed it. It lasted for almost four years.

Richard Tongi reached Aurangabad's family.

After studying, Richard went back to Kenya. He went there and got active in politics. MP also became and became Vice President of Kenya's Foreign Ministry. On his 30-year journey, he had many wishes to come to India and meet Kashinath. Richard had to return his 200 rupees. Which was left to him as a loan. Now that Barr came to India with the Minister of Kenya Met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After working in Delhi, he came to Aurangabad with his wife Michel.

In Aurangabad, Richard started looking for Kashinath Gawli and his shop. In 30 years, Aurangabad city has changed quite a lot. He found Kashinath and found it. Earlier Kashinath had forgotten Richard But Richard reminded them. Instead of paying 200 rupees, he has recovered 19 thousand rupees. Kashinath was not taking money. But Richard said this is not just a matter of money.

The love that Kashanatha found in the country of Anjana was important. When she used to go to Kashinath's shop, she did not even have the money to eat. Then Kashinath gave the goods with great intimacy. Never ask for money back. They can not repay the money they received from the money. Both Kashinath and Richard were tears in their eyes

Richard's wife Michel also came along.

Richard and Michelle Tongi have invited Kashinath and his family to come to Kenya. Richard said that during the four years that he spent in India, he could never forget the love that the people here gave him. This country has a love relationship with her.

Kenya's MP Richard Tongi said that Kashinath Kaka had helped me a lot. Their favor is as follows. For many years I wanted to return their money. Now when I returned to India, I returned to Kashinath Kaka's house. I felt very good. People say that I have given proof of their authenticity by returning money. But I have learned all this from here, I am proud of it.

Richard's wife Michelle Tongi says that many times she used to tell her days of India. It's great to meet all these people today after meeting The people here are very good. I am proud of the authenticity of my husband. But the relationship that has been formed with these people is very unique. Kashinath Gawli, who helped Richard, says that I forgot. Who will remember after 30 years? He came looking for me. I did not recognize But he told all the things. Nice to meet him

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