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Miriam Nawaz's interview in Pakistan was forcibly stopped, Imran Sarkar in court – jj

Miriam Nawaz's interview in Pakistan was forcibly stopped, Imran Sarkar in court


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On Thursday, an interview of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's daughter Mary Nawaz was being broadcast in Pakistan, which was suddenly stopped in the middle.

After this, once again the Imran Khan government of Pakistan is in charge of questions. A few days earlier, notice was sent to the government on behalf of some channels that made the live press conference of Mary.

In the latest case, Mary was giving interviews to 'Hum News' journalist Nadeem Malik.

Later, Nadeem Malik tweeted to forcefully stop this interview. Also shared a link to this interview.

After his tweet, the channel also tweeted, "It is our duty to uphold freedom of expression, but at the same time we respect the constitution and the court of the country."

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What is the matter?

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Azizia Steel Mill is punishing 7 years in jail for corruption.

Mary had released a video on Saturday (July 6th) in which the judge appears to be saying that she was compelled to sentence.

Mary has claimed that "Judge Malik himself had accepted the decision to make a decision under pressure against Nawaz Sharif."

The Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) leader, Miriam Nawaz, released a video to prove his allegations on Saturday with a press conference and released the video.

In this video, allegedly Arshad Malik, the PML-N supporter, Nasir Butt is being seen saying that he was blackmailed and pressurized to write a verdict against Sharif.

When this video was released on Saturday, the judge of Islamabad's Accountability Court, hearing the cases of corruption, has given false accusations to Miriam Nawaz's accusations by Mohammad Arshad Malik.

After the release of this video, there was a ruckus in Pakistan, on behalf of the judge, the registrar of the court denied this by issuing a press release on Sunday afternoon and terming it as false, fraud and unprofitable.

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Judge Arshad Malik has issued a notice in the matter of video from the government and has demanded action against those involved. After this the ruling has ordered the forensic examination of the video.

During her latest interview on 'We News', Mary was referring to this whole issue, claiming that on returning Nawaz Sharif to jail, the judge is regretting and he has also apologized for it.

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Jailed How is the health of Nawaz Sharif?

In this interview on 'We News', Maryam was first asked about the health of his father and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Mary said, "Her health is bad for a while but whenever I meet her, she tells me not to mention my health and from the past, the state that had eaten the food she had from home He has told me that he is eating the jail meal. "

"They do very little things, sometimes leave water in the stadium, never allowed any water, stopped the food, did not allow the doctor, five to the sixth bell can not meet them, I do not mind about the prison food. He gave me strict instructions that you should not mention it either, do not plead with anyone or go to court, I will eat what I am getting. "

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Along with this, Mary said, "I can not trust this rule for the good of my life's life."

"He is 70 years old and his family was allowed to meet one month later, even when I went to court."

"The condition of his heart is that he has three to four feet angina (frequent pain in the chest) in the week."

During this time Mary said, "She likes chicken, but she receives potato, broth and very big bread in the prison meal."

69-year-old former prime minister and Nawaz Sharif, the chief of PMLN, is currently lodged in Kot Lakhpat jail of Lahore.

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