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New and Improved Galaxy Fold Spotted in the Wild; Indicates Samsung Could Be Testing It at … – jj

New and Improved Galaxy Fold Spotted in the Wild; Indicates Samsung Could Be Testing It at …


Samsung was earlier reported to have completed an improved Galaxy Fold design, suggesting that the problems emanating earlier would not reappear. The company might now be testing out the refined version of the Galaxy Fold, as a man has been spotted using the device in New Delhi, India, which implies that this time around, Samsung will do a more thorough testing of the device before announcing a new release date. The company’s mobile boss DJ Koh had earlier admitted that the device was launched before it was ready and of course the South Korean giant wouldn’t want to shatter its spheres of the mobile computing future that it has envisioned.

It seems that the guy spotted in the New Delhi metro is one of the many members of the public who are beta testing the revised hardware, along with Samsung’s own executives such as Senior Vice President Lee Jong-min. DJ Koh had previously said that more than 2,000 units of the Galaxy Fold are being re-tested. Reports say that the company has apparently addressed all the flaws and the manufacturing process is underway. Components will supposedly start shipping soon and the company is expected to relaunch the device towards the end of the year, probably during the holiday season.

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Initially, it was believed that the Galaxy Fold will only be released in select locations, but its sighting in India implies that it might also be launched in more countries than believed earlier. Since the Galaxy Fold is believed to be in the final stages of commercial production right now, it is very unlikely that the device will be released around the same time as the Galaxy Note 10 series, as was reported by some outlets earlier.

In September, Huawei is also expected to launch its foldable Mate X. The company was initially supposed to hold a  launch in June but decided to postpone it, as it wanted to ensure that its version of a foldable smartphone will perform as expected once it is released, meaning that additional stress and durability tests are likely being carried out.

We hope Samsung is able to apologize to its launch partners as well as its customers for rushing the announcement, and with the new and improved Galaxy Fold design, regain their trust once more.

Would you trust Samsung’s word if it claims the problems with the Galaxy Fold have been addressed?

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