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Outside Money in School Board Elections w/ Sarah Reckhow – MR Live – 7/9/19 – jj

Outside Money in School Board Elections w/ Sarah Reckhow – MR Live – 7/9/19

On today’s show, Sarah Reckhow (@SReckhow), co-author, Outside Money in School Board Elections: The Nationalization of Education Politics, joins us.


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  1. Once a person has been Vice President of The United States; their service to the people as a leader is done. I think Biden has become "Full of himself" and believes that he can't be beaten. That, is an exhibition of self grandiose.

  2. Ooh those deli slicers are no joke… I had a job in high school doing the same thing, cut myself real bad once. It was my own damn fault though, I was being lazy & thought I could get one more slice out of a cooked ham. ?

  3. About the AR-15 gun control issue, here in Germany we have quite strict gun control compared to USA, Austria, Switzerland, etc. you can buy an AR-15 here but it has to be modified to single shot. So essentially if you buy it here it funktions as a rifle but you can still have your beloved American quality product hanging on the wall

  4. Yang has no idea what's happening in Alaska if he thinks the yearly dividend depoliticizes anything.
    Governor Dunleavy is fucking over Alaskans on a promise of bigger dividends.
    I wish Yang would shut up about the Alaska Dividend, because he doesn't have a fucking clue about it.

  5. Ok I am so done with this shit. Youtube is showing favoritism by having channels like Rogan and CNN mandatory 10 second ads. Meanwhile my independent outlets are getting 2 off the bat, sometimes long (8mins). All so we get frustrated and skip and lose revenue. This is utter garbage

  6. Is no one going to talk about Sam and Michael's disagreement? Lol. I hope they never break up. I enjoy it immensely when they disagree….I wish Dave Rubin could see this real exchange of ideas happening on a show.

  7. That caller that was talking about midwest blue collar voters made a good point about gun control as a leading issue, which is to say that maybe it shouldn't be a leading issue for Dems, especially when courting voters in flyover country.

  8. I knew there had to be a nexus between the woman who said she was assaulted by Trump when she was under age and his pal Jeffrey Epstein!
    Conservatives are disgusting! Rape, Pedophilia, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, authoritarianism and more, are all perfectly fine with them! They don't care about any of these things at all! In fact, they like it. This is evidenced by the fact that all of these things actually define their party. But it's the left, who they say, are morally bankrupt! Assholes!

  9. Wow just saw a huge argument between two people whose cars collided.
    One of them’s a Corbyn supporter. One guy is saying he had right of way, the Corbyn supporter is arguing that it isn’t antisemitic to criticise Israel…

  10. Kind of seems like the Democratic Party is rigged as a fake opposition party. I hate conspiracy theories, but we are running out of plausible explanations for all of this. I'm supposed to believe they're playing 3d chess while it looks like they're throwing a game of checkers. Dude WTF is going on here????

  11. Cops in the coffee shop I generally go somewhere else. Citizen with an unconcealed gun in the coffee shop I go elsewhere.
    I don't like being around anyone with a gun, especially someone with an instinct to use it. That's cops.

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