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Rory Mcilroy Push Draw DIstance – jj

Rory Mcilroy Push Draw DIstance

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For your own personal swing analysis from me, please visit http://zachallengolf.com/swing-analysis/ Learn how world #1 Rory Mcilroy ranks fifth in overall driving distance at 310 yards for 2012. Routinely driving it past guys much taller and stronger than him. What can you learn to help drive the ball farther.


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  1. Hey Zach. I also see that Rory hand an open foot line but square shoulders or slightly closed to the foot line. I feel like I'm open with my foot line slightly closed with shoulders. Does that make sense. I have never had any face rotation in my swing so if I don't have an open foot line I just hit every right with no release. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again for all of your insists and knowledge.

  2. I love the push draw and I personally think it's the prettiest looking shot in golf. I agree it is a great distance ball, especially with the driver and long irons and I try to hit this shot with my driver, assuming the hole layout allows for such ball flight. Problem is for me, that I tend to get the club stuck behind me and extend early. This leads to pushes and hooks and a lot of inconsistent drives. When you do the drills to remedy the early extension and "stuck" club, the push draw goes away……Frustrating.

  3. The face on camera view is misleading, it's ahead of him looking back so it appears that the ball is in the middle of his stance. It's not. It's well forward just like every other good driver. The push draw is great shot for flatter rotation powered players. If you are more of a high hands arm swinger, play a power fade like Jack did, and as Watson does now.

  4. you forget to mention that swing path has to be more degrees than the face angle at impact to produce the spin require to curve the ball back left to produce the draw .. otherwise it's just a simple push

  5. Zach, I think we as amateur golfers are expecting to much of ourselves.
    These pro golfers have excellent hip rotation, flexibility in the hips torque rotation and dynamic speed, …  missed out timing balance and ability … these guys practice hours and hours a day as we amateurs work and toil at our place of work.
    PS I work as a engineer so look at these guys Bio-mechanically ..approach to the game .. So my view is enjoy the game  

  6. i like your vids but your comments at the 3:38 mark might confuse people without further explanation. yes his hands appear forward however, Rory's lower body is closed in relation to the target line. His back foot is pulled back and flared open to the target line (similar to how hogan setup with a driver), so actually the ball is forward in relation to his body movement. This allows him to load his right side and then come from the inside. But without talking about his feet position, someone might try to look light that at setup with  a square stance and wonder why their slice is getting worse and going lower.

  7. thanks for video. Can I ask a thing please? I hear my fitting center, they said that only some driver can do draw and fade. So for example my driver callaway x hot standard can't do that. Is it true? With all driver I can do draw and fade or not? 
    They said same thing for irons, only with irons forge blade I can, not with normal irons like x hot callaway again. Please can you say to me? I would try this amazing shot 😉

  8. "Push Draw"
    What the hell is that?
    You mean a ball that starts outside of the initial target line and then moves a bit back to the left?
    Then if you look at Rory's actual feet aimed target line you will see that it is a VERY VERY slight push
    What you see from him is are 2 DRAW's
    They vary in the amount of draw… the 2nd shot is more pronounced

    A "push draw" is just another name for a HOOK

  9. Is not up in your stance and also marrying up the face to path without hooking it is also a big challenge. I've been working on this and I either just push right or slap hook. Thing is I'm stuck now as it now feels very strange swinging less from the inside….

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