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Securing a 2017 Macbook Pro – jj

Securing a 2017 Macbook Pro


Hi everyone,

I just bought a 2017 Macbook Pro (with i5 cpu and 256 gb storage). I want to make sure it’s well secured before I start using it. Can anyone provide tips for making my Macbook Pro more secure. It will be running the newest OS Mojave so maybe there are specific tweaks I can do in Mojave to make it more secure?

For example, do I need to Disable remote management in System Preferences or is this already disabled by default? Also, how do I create a system recovery disc in case I need to restore the OS on the Macbook pro?

I’ve been using Windows for a long time and so I appreciate any tips to make my move to using the Mac a productive and secure experience. Thank you!


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