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Sridevi's death, DGP claim, was not killed in accident sridevi was murdered not cured djp claim boney kapoor – jj

Sridevi's death, DGP claim, was not killed in accident sridevi was murdered not cured djp claim boney kapoor



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Updated: Friday, July 12, 2019, 20:03 (IST)

new Delhi. Kerala DGP Jail Rishiraj Singh has claimed that she was not an accident but a murder. Singh has claimed this by quoting his closest friend Forensic Expert Dr. Umadathan. Sridevi was killed in a bathtub in Dubai about a year and a half ago, which was considered an accident. On this, DGP Singh has written a column in a Kerala newspaper and said that the truth of Sridevi's death may be something else.

sridevi was murdered not cosmic jail says boney kapoor

In his column Kerala DGP Prison Rishiraj Singh has written that when I asked about Sridevi's death from my friend, Forensic Expert Doctor Umadathan, he told that the death of Sridevi can be a murder. Doctor Umadathan said that nobody is drunk, so the person will not drown in one feet water. He will sink only when someone will catch both of his legs and immerse his head in water. It is possible that they have been drunk and killed. Doctor Umadthan died a week ago. He was considered an expert in crime cases.

At the time of death were raised questions

Sridevi died on February 24, 2018 in a hotel in Dubai. Sridevi, who was there with the family joining a wedding, stayed in a five-star hotel. Where he died after falling into the bathtub. Even after his death, questions were raised, but it was considered an accident in the Dubai Police investigation and post-mortem report. It was told that in the state of intoxication, that actress died in drowning in the bathtub.

Boney Kapoor said – I do not want to react

Boney Kapoor refused to give any response on the statement of DGP's death to Mr Devi's murder. Sridevi's husband Bonnie stayed with her in Dubai's hotel. On the DGP's statement, he said that I do not want to react to these stupid stories. I do not think there is no need to react to such things. These are all stories full of imagination.

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