Starting in 1.30 lakh, these businesses will earn 5.5 lakh rupees, and up to 90% will be given to the government – new business idea of ​​fruit bar business earn lakhs of rupee a month get loan from modi government


If you are planning to do some easy and demanding work sitting at home, then we are telling you about a particular business. The special thing is that the government will help you in starting this business. The business we are talking about today is the Fruit Bar business. For this business, you can get up to 90% loan under the Prime Minister's Employment Generation Program (PMEGP). Not only this, you will also get subsidy of 15 to 25 percent.

According to the project profile created by the government agency Khadi Village Industry Commission (KVIC), this business can start in 12.82 lakh rupees. To start this business, you will get a loan of upto 11.55 lakh rupees. You need to have around 1.28 lakh rupees for this project. Let's talk about how you can start this business and how to profit from it.

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What is fruit bar?Fruits are available in different seasons. There are different methods of preserving fruit in the country. One of these is Fruit Bar. It is easy to make pulp fruits like banana, mango, guava, apple fruit bar. You can also start your business by putting a fruit bar making unit.

These things should be done to do this business

If you want to start this business, you will have to prepare the project report for the loan first. According to the project profile of KVIC, if you create a project report to prepare approximately 60 tonnes of fruit bar, you will need about 100 square meters of land, where work shed will be made. Apart from this, you will need equipment of approximately 4.32 lakh rupees. If you rent a work shed, then you have to estimate the cost of approximately 2.50 lakh rupees as a rental. That is, you have to make a provision of Rs 6.82 lakh as capital expenditure.

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These should be equipments

According to the report, you will have to take advantage of Fruit Washing Tubs, Pulp Extractors, Steam Kettle, Baby Boiler, Fruit Mill, Tray Dryer, Tolling Machine, Utensil, Testing Instrument.

How much should Warking Capital

You must mention your working capital in the project report, in which:
>> Raw material: 17.60 lakhs
>> Label Packaging: 2 Lacs
>> Wedges and Salary: 11 lakhs
>> Administrative expenses: 1.5 lakhs
>> Overhead Expenses: 2 Lakhs
>> Other expenses: 1.25 lakh
>> Depription: 55 thousand rupees
>> Insurance and interest: 1.73 lakhs
>> Total working capital: 37 lakhs

In the project report for the loan, you will have to show the expenditure of Rs 6 lakh 22 thousand as work capital for 2 months i.e. the total project cost will be 12 lakh 82 thousand rupees.

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So will the advantage

According to the KVIC report, your year-long projected sales will be 43 lakh rupees and your cost of production will come to Rs 37 lakh 36 thousand, which means that you can make a profit of around Rs 5.63 lakh a year.

Do so apply

If you want to take a loan under the Prime Minister's Employment Generation Program, you can apply online for this. Linked to:

Click here to download the full project report:

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