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Tag Heuer Aquaracer Chronotimer Quartz Watch Review – jj

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Chronotimer Quartz Watch Review

http://www.breitlingsource.com – Video review of my Tag Heuer Aquaracer Chronotimer multifunction quartz watch. Great tough watch that’ll get the job done.


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  1. Speaking of looks/taste, I have to say I really like this dial design, it's very sharp. I have the Aquaracer auto day date which has the same case/bezel/bracelet and it's a really cool watch (I love the 7750 rotor wobble:), although a bit too shiny/blingy.

  2. @breitlingsource Yes, I know it's a different movement, obviously.

    It has a benefit over the old Aerospace movement which has just the crown. Same for the F1. My point was mostly about the easthetics. On the X33 and F1, when you turn off the display, you don't really notice that it's a blank display. It just becomes the watch dial. On this one, you notice the black bars.

    Same is true of the Airwolf / Aerospace, but they are identical and symmetrically shaped – this one isn't.

  3. I really dislike the layout of that digital display. It reminds me of a cheap Casio.

    Why not keep it round like the F1 ani/digi? It worked there, and it works great on watches like the Omega X33.

    They probably wanted the split displays, but didn't feel like making a Breitling homage. But I'd rather have a homage that looks good, then an original that looks like a cheap Casio. Heck, even they know to balance it out. (Search for Casio G300 to see what I mean)

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