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The Calvary of Social Security – jj

The Calvary of Social Security

The death of the mother of former premiere Ana Jara, for presumed medical malpractice, has again put on the table the deficiencies in emergency services in social insurance. A clear example of this problem is the current state of the Emergency Center Edgardo Rebagliati Hospital, which is considered the most important in the country, and that apparently has been built improvised and without future vision.

This emergency center was inaugurated in 2014 and was initially proposed for metropolitan Lima, but was finally inaugurated as the Emergency Center of the Rebagliati Hospital. Currently this center presents problems of overcrowding, lack of supplies, lack of implements but the main problem is that to transport a patient from the Hospital to the Emergency Center it is necessary to use ambulances since there is no connection between one and the other. that puts the patient's safety at risk.

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Broadcasted on the Panorama program of Panamericana Televisión on 03/09/2017

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