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The drinking water of the well is being born from the twin children .. Who is claiming this? – jj

The drinking water of the well is being born from the twin children .. Who is claiming this?


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Ravi Pedapolu

On one hand, while India is preparing to launch its space mission Chandrayaan II, on the other hand, in a remote village in Andhra Pradesh, people believe that drinking water from the special wells of the village creates twins.

Dodigunputa is a small village whose population is 4500. This village belongs to the Rangamapeta division of Eastern Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh state. The main means of livelihood of the people here is agriculture. There is only one high school in the village. Most of the people are busy in farming.

The small village came into the discussion when it was shown in a private television channel that drinking water of a special well in this village causes twins to be born.

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Ravi Pedapolu

Until recently, these wells were the main source of drinking water for the villagers. Some time before the village panchayat, tapes were also used to supply water to the villagers' homes.

If someone visits this village, many twins will be seen walking on the streets. However, there is no official figure on how many twins are in the village.

Adapa Venkatesh is the Sarpanch of this village. He told the BBC that there are about 110 twins in this village. He also said that there are so many twins in the village due to the water of wells.

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Ravi Pedapolu

He says, "You can see the twins of different age groups in our house and due to this specialty, our village has become famous."

But how did all this begin?

Talking to BBC Telugu, Venkata Rao says that as far as she remembers, a teacher came to the village for census. And they first noticed that most of the villages in this village have twins.

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Ravi Pedapolu

"Nearly 15 years ago, a teacher had come here to collect data for the census and he was frustrated after seeing the twin in every house, and later he was transferred to this village, when his wife gave birth to the children here They were also twins, they gave the news to the local media that their wife drank water from the well, due to which twins were born in their home, and that's where our village named Surekhio Came in. "

Now, Alam is that not only this village, but also from other villages and districts people come here to take water of wells here.

Anita, who came to Hyderabad to take the village water, told the BBC: "We have been married for four years, we have met many doctors but nothing has happened. We have come to try that luck should accompany us. Two canisters are taking water. "

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Ravi Pedapolu

Lakshmi lives in this village and she gave birth to twins just nine months ago.

Lakshmi is sure that she is the mother of twins because of drinking water from this well in the village. Apart from this, he also insists on this matter that this water is also going to remove many diseases. She says that there are many families in the village who have taped their house but they like drinking water of this well.

On the other hand, the arguments and medical experts dismiss such claims altogether.

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Ravi Pedapolu

Jan Visionna's vice president and commentator, Chhala Ravi Kumar is clear from such things. He says, "There is no scientific reasoning that drinking water from this well helps in pregnancy, water is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen and some salts, calcium carbonate, iron and calcium are in water but There is no help in conceiving this. "

He says, "Yes, it may be that some diseases get rid of it. If a water of some wells helps to give birth to twins, then there should be no couple in the village whose children do not belong. There is no proof for. "

No connection between water and pregnancy

Dr. Padmaja, a gynecologist, says that there is no truth behind the notion that drinking water of wells will not lead to the offspring of the children, and drinking water will cause twins. He says that "genes and hereditary factors are responsible for the birth of twins."

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Ravi Pedapolu

She says, "During pregnancy, the female eutrus releases more than one egg, and this causes twins to be born, apart from this, the ability to conceive and age also contribute a lot to it. That is, drinking water causes twins to be born. "

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