This business will start in just 4 lakhs, earning 50 thousand every month – new business idea start milk products business earn 50 thousand rupee a month


If you are looking for a business where you can make profits quickly by investing money, then today we are going to tell you something like that. Nowadays, many small brands in the market are doing well by making milk products. Can sell butter, packet milk, packed yogurt, packaged paneer, ghee and flavored milk. There are many big brands in this business, who are doing crores of business. If you want to start this work too, the government will also help you.

Mudra scheme can get advantage

Under the money scheme you can get a chance to open a manufacturing unit. With the help of this government scheme you can invest only 4 lakh rupees and open the unit. The demand for these products is increasing day by day. By using the right marketing strategy, you can also create a brand new one. You can earn 50 thousand rupees per month by starting this business.

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Must be 1000 square feet. To make packaged food, it will be necessary to first obtain a license from the Health Authority. 500 liters of milk per day will be needed. 500 liters of raw milk can be processed, from which packets containing milk, ghee, yogurt, butter and flavored milk will be prepared.

5.5 lakhs spent on installing the machine

There will be cream separator, packing machine, bottle capping machine, freeze, cooler, weight-making machine, few other small machines apart from the tray. 4 million annual expenditure on raw material (milk, sugar, flavors and salt). Total expenditure: Rs 16 lakhs

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Business to start spending just 4 lakhs

From the expense of 16 lakh rupees, you have to spend only 4 lakh rupees for starting a business. The remaining expenditure will be available in the form of term capital loan and working capital loan under the government monetary policy. You can fill the expenses of these expenses from the income generated on the commissioning of the unit.

Net profit of 50 thousand every month

The output of 500 liters per day or 1.5 lakh liters of milk per year will be generated from the production, which can be up to Rs 82 lakh per annum. Its total production cast will be Rs 74 lakhs. In this regard, there will be an annual income of Rs. 8 lakhs. After cutting expenses (25%) of tax, the net profit will be 6 lakh rupees annually. In this regard, there can be income of 50 thousand rupees every month.

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