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Turkish jewellery exports set to dazzle in 2014 – jj

Turkish jewellery exports set to dazzle in 2014

Turkey exports more than two billion dollars worth of jewellery each year – and the market appears to be bouyant according to industry experts at the Istanbul Jewellery Show.
The UAE and Iraq are some of the biggest importers , while design trends this year are colourful and draw on nature for inspiration.
More than 1,200 exhibitors from 25 countries are attending the Istanbul Jewellery Show. The four day event is considered the most important of its kind in Turkey.
Gold, diamond and silver jewellery, precious stones and pearls are filling more than 35,500 square metres of the CNR Expo Centre.
Asian exuberance is the main trend of the show.
The most expensive necklace here is by Turkish manufacturer Ser Diamond. It has rubies and rose cut diamonds set in 18 karat gold and is valued at $378,000.
Ser Diamond is showcasing new designs this year , including these carved quartz rings, with images of the Sultanahmet Mosque or Galata Tower set in diamonds, gold and silver.
Most of the 60,000 visitors expected for the current 26th edition of this event come from the Middle East, Russia, the USA and Europe.
Ayhan Guner, from the Turkish Jewellery Exporters’ Association Chairman of Board, says that “nowadays Turkey is a big market in the sector. Turkey’s exports last year were of 2,3 billion USD. Our markets are Europe, Middle East, USA and Russia. Turkey keeps rising its exports in jewellery every year. And I believe this year is going to keep increasing.”
Turkish jewellery exports in 2013 increased a 10 per cent compared to 2012.
According to the Association’s figures, the United Arabic Emirates is the biggest buyer of Turkish jewellery, with 25 per cent of the market, followed by Iraq (14%), Russia (8%), USA (5%) and Germany (5%).
The Eurasian country is today the second biggest exporter in the world after Italy, the fifth largest importer, and the third biggest producer after Italy and India, according to industry figures.
Turkey’s biggest diamonds jewellery exporter, Zen Diamond, has some of the most expensive necklaces at the show, valued from $10,000 to $65,000.
“The company is the export leader for the last 7 years in Turkey in diamonds jewellery. Last (year) figures are 19 million USD. Our main buyers are from Middle East, also America, United States, and Europe”, says Sinem Aksoyler, Zen Diamonds Communications Manager.
The best example of the profusion of fantasy and luxury of the Istanbul show is this golden armor inspired by the Ottoman Empire.
“As you see we have an armor here inspired by Sultan Suleiman who was our Ottoman emperor during 15th Century. The weight is around 10 kg and the value is around 500.000 dollars”, explains Bora Tutuncuoglu, manager at Istanbul Gold Refinery.
Guner, from the Jewellery Exporters’ Association, explains that jewellery design trends in the region, and elsewhere, are becoming more colourful:
“The main trend in the world sector this year is colour stones and products made by semi-precious gems. It seems that the world prefers fantasy diamonds rather than normal diamonds. Finally another international recent trend is about more colourful and chirpy jewels”, he says.
Now in its 26th year, the exhibition is held twice a year, in March and in October.

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