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When the armored spills on the road and people loots thousands of Dollars | VIDEO, when rain runs on the road, ridders – jj

When the armored spills on the road and people loots thousands of Dollars | VIDEO, when rain runs on the road, ridders


new Delhi : If the notes start flying or scattering in front of you, then you probably will not be able to stop yourself and also collect notes. Something similar happened in America in a highway. There was a rush of notes from a truck full of dollar suddenly on a highway, and the note from the truck started blowing notes. Seeing this, the people passing through the road standing by the side of their cars standing by the side of the road, started collecting notes with both hands. There was a rush of people getting more and more dollars. Some people present there made a video of this incident and it became viral on social media.

Fear of $ 1,75,000 looting
Actually, an armored truck full of notes on the Interstate Highway 285 of North Atlanta was on its way. The open doors of the truck started falling on the road itself. After that, who saw it, put his car in the side and started collecting dollars. Seeing the cash on the highway was looted. Armored truck company estimates that his notes of $ 1,75,000 (about 1.20 million rupees) were looted.

Note on highway, loot of dollars, dollar rain, cash spills

People who did not stop even after police arrived
The video of this whole event is getting viral on social media. After getting the information of this case, the police reached the spot, but people continued to order the dollar. The Denwudi police said that even after police officers reached the spot, people continued to loot the dollar. A driver told that before they figured the leaves were flying but they later understood that they were dollars. He said the road was full of dollars.

The Denwudi police appealed to people to return the looted dollar from the road. The police also told the people that keeping the cash flying from the truck is illegal, so return it. If this does not happen, legal action will be taken. But after police appeal, only 6 people returned the money to the police for 4,400 dollars.

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