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Why does Indonesian singer Anden sleep with a tape on her face? – jj

Why does Indonesian singer Anden sleep with a tape on her face?


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The famous Indonesian singer Anden has put his admirers in surprise by putting a post on Instagram. They cast a long story about the process of breathing on Instagram.

In which Anden, her husband and her child were seen tapping the mouth

On the Instagram, he wrote, "If you think about it then you will know how funny it is. We learn many things about which we do not, but we do not learn about those things which We do all the time: like breathing. "

He has revealed that his family had been practicing Buttek from the last three months. Butteco is a process in which breathing methods are involved. One of which is tapping on the mouth.

Anden has claimed that he has a good night sleeping with Butteco.

What is Butteco?

Buttekko technique was invented in 1950 by Soviet Doctor Konstantin Pavlovic Butekko.

He believed that breathing-related diseases are related to breathing techniques. He said that if the patient learns to breathe properly in his nose, his lung diseases will be removed.

Even after almost seven decades, these alternative ways are still prevalent. People all over the world are sleeping on tape on their face and taking advantage of this exercise of breathing.

Byteco has been claimed to improve diabetes like chronic fatigue, ADHD and depression. But in the situation in which it has proved to be more effective, it is sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea occurs when there is a blockage in someone's respiratory tract or they are difficult to breathe. Because of this, they do not recover from sleep, which can lead to fatigue, depression and other diseases. This also causes problems of taking revenge.

Founder of the International Butteco Clinic told the BBC that "breathing through the mouth is a major factor in sleep apnea, because the tongue moves backwards and the airway is interrupted due to the mouth. Troubles can be avoided. "

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But the doctor disagrees with it

Dr. Catholin Yermakchuk, a senior Detective surgeon and sleep specialist, told the BBC: "I think most people do not open their mouths until they have trouble breathing through the nose."

She says that the person suffering from the OSA is not the only solution to "Stop your mouth shutting down" problem.

"The tools used for the OSA do not just stop the mouths, they help in opening the airways."

his The danger What are you

The doctors told gold to be dangerous by putting a tape on the mouth.

Doctor Yeramchuk warns, "If you are ill and you have to vomit, you will not be able to do it, the worst condition is that it can suffocate anyone's breath."

MacCon has described the tapping of children's children as dangerous.

They say that at the Instagram of Anden see the photos of their children. There is nothing said in Buteko as Anden is doing.

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Professor Kumar says that this can make the children suffer from breathing through their noses, and children can also become sick.

"For small children who are probably five years old, they should not tape directly on their lips."

Andyon tapped his two-year-old child's mouth, "We would advise not to do this, because there is a danger of death"

If you are taking refuse or if you have other problems in breathing, then show a good doctor for treatment.

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