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Accused of making father hostage on Singer B Praak | Punjabi singer B Prak made father hostage! Close to help in closure court – jj

Accused of making father hostage on Singer B Praak | Punjabi singer B Prak made father hostage! Close to help in closure court


Chandigarh: Bollywood Famous Punjabi Singer and Music Director B. Prak alias Emblem Bachchan is accused of making mortgage in the house at his father. Prakash, a disciple of Music director of Prak, father Virendra Bachchan, accused P Prakak of keeping his father hostage, medicine and not getting proper treatment. Punjab and Haryana High Court I have asked for help.

On this petition, the petitioner has filed a petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court, the High Court has issued a notice to the SSP and on July 16 it has ordered to file the report. Meenu Kapoor, petitioner of Virendra Bachchan, has filed this complaint through his lawyer in the court.


Meenu Kapoor's Advocate Pradeep Sharma said that Music Director Virendra Bachchan lives in Sector 20, Chandigarh. Virendra Bachchan's health is not right for a long time, blood clots have begun to grow in his mind. Since then, the treatment is underway, according to the petitioner Meenu, his wife and son are not treating them properly and neither do they have any Is being given to meet According to the petition, Virendra Bachchan has properties in Girakpur and Chandigarh, that property wants to grab his wife and his son i.e. B. Prakk.


Complaint already done
Advocate Pradeep Sharma told that Virender Bachchan also complained to the police in May but no strict action was taken. Police came to the house and went on to advise the family to treat them and not stop them. But according to Meenu, despite the police coming, his wife and son's attitude did not change even though the minu, Virendra Bachchan's behavior was taking a turn, therefore appealed for filing a civil suit against him and banning him to enter his house.

According to the petitioner Meenu, Virendra Bachchan's mobile has also been stripped, due to which he is now dying a slow death due to lack of treatment. Taking strong note of the matter, the High Court has ordered the SSP to submit detailed report till July 16.

However, when we went to B Prak's house and talked to his family, his mother, Virendra Bachchan's wife, had turned down all these allegations. He said, "Meenu Kapoor has never been a caretaker of Virendra Bachchan as a disciple. But we used to come to the house but because of Menu's actions, his family is having a dispute with Meenu. He said we will file our answer in the court.

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