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After the rain, the school wall gets absorbed in the Ganga; after heavy rain – jj

After the rain, the school wall gets absorbed in the Ganga; after heavy rain



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Updated: Friday, July 12, 2019, 17:09 (IST)

Farrukhabad Even though the Right to Education Act is applicable in the country, securing education for children living in far-flung areas is not less than a challenge. In order to improve the level of education, the Yogi Sarkar has given many facilities for the children, but there is a school in the district where the look is seen beyond all facilities. Here, nanihal life risk and study. Not yet, neither any official has taken a stand on the dome of third place. Due to which the Ganga was not diagnosed during the time of dedication, so that the school wall fell into the Ganges. In the video you can see how the school and children are threatening.

after heavy rain

With the apathy of authorities in Farrukhabad, about half of the children are forced to read their lives at risk. District Block of Rajaparpur village of Rajapur, the officials of the district are from the village of Madaiah and the senior officials have been inspecting hundreds of times but the village situation is bad. Because the village is settled in front of river Ganges. Over the past several years, more than three dozen houses of the village have gone into the river Ganges and the same primary school in the Ganga has been taken into the gut of the same elementary school.

after heavy rain

The school's previous wall near the primary school has fallen off the ganga and the school can meet at any time in the Ganga, but villagers are risking their life due to lack of access to schools, and forced their maujhals to be sent to school. Only two teachers are taught in school. If the district administration had taken any initiative to save this school settled on the banks of the Ganges, then perhaps the school would be saved, but when the river Ganges swallowed half of the school When the district officials are not ready to speak anything on this matter, and after the heavy rains, it is also imperative to increase the water level of the Ganga river.

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