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Apple iPhone rumoured to go notchless by 2020 – jj

Apple iPhone rumoured to go notchless by 2020


In today’s era, all the smartphone manufacturing companies are striving hard to inculcate all the latest technologies in their next flagship smartphones. Now, according to the latest rumours, Apple iPhone is believed to be going notch-less by 2021.

Apple’s smartphones come with a small notch which will further become notch-less by 2020. Apple display suppliers are also working on full-screen displays for the new models.

Apple iPhone with notch-less display to arrive in 2020

According to a report, Apple will also launch at least one smartphone without the notch. This will lead to an increased screen to body ratio of the phone. The tech giant is preparing to roll out three new models in 2020 with screen sizes 6.7 inches, 6.1 inches and 5.4 inches.

Apple iPhone rumoured to go notchless

Rumoured features

Apple smartphones rumoured to go notch-less by 2020

  • These Apple iPhones will have OLED screens.
  • They will also have a 5G modem for the latest upcoming 5G technology.
  • The two out of three models will also adopt 3D sensing for AR/VR applications.
  • Apple’s new models will come with under screen front cameras.
  • These phones will also have an in-built fingerprint sensor.
  • They’ll also remove the Face ID to give a full-screen experience to the user.
  • The rumours are also circulating that Apple is also working on an exclusive model for China which will come with Touch ID support.

Apple smartphones rumoured to go notch-less by 2020

Apple’s 2019 model will come with improved camera resolution. It is also expected to have a square camera nodule. It’ll be amazing to see what other unique technologies and features Apple has in store for its users.

For more updates on Apple Smartphones, keep watching this space!

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