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Apple MacBook to ditch problematic Butterfly Keyboard, claims Experts – jj

Apple MacBook to ditch problematic Butterfly Keyboard, claims Experts


Apple is looking to ditch the problematic butterfly keyboard used in the current MacBooks claims an expert. MacBook has had a fair share of issues, including problems related to the keyboard.

Apple MacBook Keyboard Woes

Apple introduced new and updated keyboards in its MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup.

However, these new Butterfly switches turned out to be highly controversial after consumers started to report issues within a few days of device launch.

MacBook Pro Keyboard

Since then keyboard using butterfly switches has turned out to be one of the worst design choice made in the history of Apple.

Apple has made several recalls to fix the broken keyboards of the consumers for free.

What’s the problem?

The butterfly switches employees all new mechanics that has all of its mechanical parts in the center which gives it the look of butterfly wings. The butterfly switches allowed Apple to reduce the thickness of the keyboards because it requires less space.


Even though Apple managed to provide satisfying travel distance, the thinness causes a lot of issues as crumbs, and other particulates get easily stuck inside the keys.

The keyboard failure has costed Apple because the company is forced to replace the top assembly of the Mac’s, which is quite costly.

Is Your device affected?

MacBook Pro 2015

All of the current Macs are the potential candidate of keyboard failures because Apple is using butterfly switches since 2015.

Future of MacBook Keyboard

Even though Apple had tried to contain the issue by launching several free repair programs, the problem has persisted.

According to a report Apple is finally planning to ditch the butterfly keyboards in favor of scissor based keyboards made up of glass fiber.

Kuo, a popular and credible Apple analyst, claims that MacBook Pro 2020 will be the first Apple device to use these new keyboard switches.

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