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Apple's AR glasses may be coming sooner than we think – jj

Apple's AR glasses may be coming sooner than we think


There’s a claim Apple has canned development of AR glasses. This makes no sense to me – I think it means they are coming sooner than we thought.

Through an (augmented) glass darkly

“Apple has suspended the development of head-mounted display (HMD) AR/VR headsets, and already disbanded its team for the development of AR/VR HMDs,” Digitimes claims in a report almost nobody believes.

The publication also said development had been ceased temporarily, with people involved in the project diverted elsewhere.

The report also points out that the man who headed the project, Avi Bar-Zeev, has now left Apple, though most Apple watchers believe work on AR glasses has been ongoing since at least 2006, and possibly before.

What if he has left Apple because his work was done?

You see, what’s interesting is the focus on the word “development” in the Digitimes claim.

Has Apple really ceased development, or has it not reached a new stage in development called “production”?

If the latter, would it not make eminent sense to seed the product development team across the rest of the company in order to help bring Apple’s many different platforms and technologies in line with the new platform invention.

We don’t know the answer, of course.

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