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Buddy Holly – Words of Love – jj

Buddy Holly – Words of Love

Buddy Holly – Words of Love.



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  1. Love you Buddy Holley There will NEVER be another BUDDY HOLLEY
    I was born in 1980
    Definitely would have loved to have been around in the forties and fifties.
    To me this is real music and yes to me Buddy Holly was with God of the guitar no one else yes, yes there are other really good ones like Chuck Berry was awesome too I could say he was also a God at the guitar.
    But to me but it was a genius not only on guitar but vocals to

  2. why at 21 do I recognize this is the foundation of rock music? pure, unrestrained genius… a time capsule from the 50s very shamefully exhibiting to you the viewer that as long as we may bear witness to Holly's caliber of musicianship, the "new guard" look awfully weak by comparison.. no wonder he was taken so fast. I truly believe God wanted him back

  3. What a lot of kids today just don't understand is that for many of us, we had never heard anyone play or sing like  Holly did.Electric guitar was still kind of a new sound . Stereo was in it's infancy. Holly's lyrics were very simple but I'm sure they touched us all in one way or another. That's why we still listen to them almost sixty year after his passing on.

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