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Cheapest Galaxy Note 10 still has two surprising pluses – jj

Cheapest Galaxy Note 10 still has two surprising pluses


This morning we were taking a look at our latest set of pre-release date Galaxy Note 10 details (read: rumors and tips) and happened upon a revelation. The future was right before our eyes, and it wasn’t even a feature that hadn’t popped up on a phone before. In fact, it’ll appear on the base model!

The most basic future-proofing

The most important detail in our full list of leaked details on the Galaxy Note 10 is the base storage. Unlike any Samsung smartphone that’s come before, this device’s most base model will have a whopping 256GB internal storage.

That’s one massive amount of data for a single device – but necessary when you start racking up the media downloads and recorded 4K resolution videos. This device will not be released with a pathetic 64GB internal storage size edition, nor a tiny 32GB version. There will be no unheard-of 16GB Galaxy Note 10.

The least of these – your entry point into the Galaxy Note 10 family – is the standard Galaxy Note 10 (not Pro, not Plus, not 5G), that’ll likely cost you right around $1,000 USD. That same device with 512GB internal storage will likely come in at around $1,150 USD.

On the audio side

There’s a not-too-surprising change coming to the Galaxy Note series this year, portended by a few other lesser releases from Samsung this year. That is the removal of the headphone jack. Alas, poor Yorick, it’s time to die.

But for those that will still stick around for the rest of the device, there’s a positive element in this. A pair of higher-quality in-ear headphones (earbuds) with noise cancellation is coming from Samsung at around the same time as the Note 10 itself.

One would HOPE that something just as neat will be in the box with the Note 10 – but we shall see. One can cross their fingers as hard as they want and never see a pair of next-gen earbuds pop out.

Galaxy Note 10 Release Date

We’re expecting Samsung’s August 7, 2019 event to show the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in all its glory. We expect that the Galaxy Note 10 release date is August 23, 2019, barring unforeseen circumstances that change the way Samsung generally schedules event-then-release dates.

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