Crossfit 101 – The Basics


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  1. it has nothing to do with fitness but I think she has flat feet. Look at the connection between her ankles and her heels, the ankle goes sit inside the heels then she pushes up and you can see the knees following on the inside for a short bit. I would make her walk bare feet and see how much of her the inner part of her feet is in contact with the ground. Maybe it's just the shoes shes uses though.

  2. This is a mindless modern sports fad. Awful technique and dangerously foolish exercises for people who are not trained nor prepared to perform them. If you want a host of physical problems down the road, go ahead and do this.

  3. Just my 2 cents, her forms tell me that she has not got loads of experience but she’s learning so it’s ok, but it’s not okay when he says “good” when she performs those poor push jerks, seriously, her bar isn’t even on her shoulder. CrossFit can be a great fitness tool but u don’t have to go to a box, not all CrossFit coaches are good I’m afraid so make sure you know the techniques. I personally learn Olympic lifting from Mattie Rogers, Tian Tao, Liu xiaojun

  4. So you have all these " kids" running a workout?? 0 experience and knowledge? Have you any idea how many older people have been injured by these spoiled little idiots. They push push push! Fucking retarded, mini democrats. Eat right and listen to your doctor, fuckem!!!

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