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E-Turkey Gbeze Composite manhole covers Manufacturers sellers 00905398920770 – jj

E-Turkey Gbeze Composite manhole covers Manufacturers sellers 00905398920770

http://plastikrogarkapagi.ticiz.com 0090 539 892 07 70

gursel@ayat.com.tr Skype:gurselgurcan

Plastic waste is a serious threat to human health, in addition to creating environmental pollution. Plastic waste disposal in line with the developed countries, “Research & Development» To ensure economies of environmental pollution prevention and recycling projects by providing financial support to attach great importance to gain a favorable investment decisions. Ayat Ltd. Sti. technology that will contribute to our country, we need to recycle the economic, environmental contributions must be embraced as a priority task. Therefore, “R & D» Manhole cover work produced concentrated polymeric materials recycling. The technology used in the formulation of Turkish engineers will diminish all of us proud, developed by. . This technology is a first in Turkey and the world, and allow much more robust and much more economical Manhole we produced, the formula covers. Soon aroused great interest in our products overseas and domestic market. 1478 124 and TS EN ISO 9001-2008 standards, the use of existing institutions provides valuable Silicopolymer Manhole covers Manhole covers and using the support of the green, waiting for the reduction of carbon emissions in nature.
Manhole covers Silicopolymer General Features and Benefits:
§ Covers material for recycling is not Silicopolymer there is no risk of being stolen.
§ Water, oil and chemical resistant, all kinds of material. Rot and rust.
§ Casting and lightweight concrete caps.
§ High elastic modulus of FRP and concrete, such as all kinds of caps, such as impact-resistant and break-proof cast iron, there is.
§ Sound and noise level to a minimum compared to metal.
§ Cast iron, GRP and concrete covers much more economical.
the desired logo and text § Wide range of colors, easy to be printed.
Ayat GRILL AND Loophole
• lighter than metal.
• Maintenance-free, and there is risk of being stolen.
• Corrosion and rust resistant.
• Easy handling and installation.
• Color option.
Areas of Application:
. • The sidewalks, pedestrian paths, parks and gardens, sites, petrol stations
• manufactured in accordance with TS 1478 and EN 124 standards.
. • lighter than metal
• Maintenance-free, and there is no risk of theft.
• corrosion and corrosion-resistant.
• Easy handling and installation.
• Color and logo option.
• Heavy-duty strength, D 400 (40 tons)
• Medium load resistance, C 250 (25 tons)
• Low load resistance B 125 (12.5 tons)
. • TS 1478 and manufactured in accordance with EN 124 standards
• 1 manual locking system.
• Articulation hinge system.
municipalities, infrastructure contractors, roads and telecom industry, high-strength, low-maintenance, easy installation and nakliyeli D400, C250, and B may be lower than 125 pieces of infrastructure sets the load resistance of composite manhole covers, gully gratings can produce.
Alternatively, the city composite technology products, furniture, suggest a more natural enrich city life. Composite benches, boundary elements, wood sub-grids and atmospheric conditions that challenge is certainly not rust, and corrosion products.


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