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Gas Station Static Electricity Fire – jj

Gas Station Static Electricity Fire

This important video has been out for some time, now, but is very important. STATIC ELECTRICITY IS A SERIOUS FIRE DANGER for drivers fueling their cars at …



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  1. I know a guy with an MSEE degree who forced his car dealer to change out his tires THREE times because he thought the tires were causing static #electricity . He is now a professor at PSU. I (no degree) showed him that it was his seat upholstery that was causing the static. Just watch this video, you can tell it's not the tires that caused the #fire , it's the woman getting off her seat. Is everyone with a degree an idiot? It would seem so.

  2. Radio waves don’t cause ignitions. What the fuck? There is literally tons of EM radiation, in the radio spectrum, everywhere around is, and tuners ‘tune into specific ones’ and pick them out amongst the sea of radio waves present.

    So why would the cell phone picking one up, that already exists mind you, cause an ignition?

    Such stupidity.

  3. I drive a gas tanker and see this every day. People get in and out of their cars and smoke while fueling occasionally, people are just unaware and most of us have done it. Cold days ate the worst, dry air extra clothes, etc…

  4. wtf was she thinking WHEN YOU GO GAS ! , GAS THEN GTFO …. automatic pump , go sit back in her car , she deserved it ! pay attention to what ur doing! replacing her pants and her shirt its what she deserve sigh.

  5. radio waves are nothing more than an electromagnetic disturbance. i.e, magnetism creating ripple effects or waves This can't directly cause a fire. Instead the cell phone itself is also an electrical device, with a battery. Pushing buttons etc, could generate a spark, igniting a gas vapor cloud, just as static electricity can. You need an arc or a spark. Pure emf waves don't make those, otherwise gas would ignite from signals in the air. You need to take some physics classes..

  6. Yeah, and I was Royal Signals. A radio transmitter sends out electricity in the form of radio waves Cg23sailor. We ALWAYS earthed our vehicles to prevent electric shock when leaving them, (the high-powered sets that is) and to train newbies we used to hold a fluorescent light bulb two feet away from a whip antennae while transmitting, which would then light up.
    A quote from Abraham Lincoln… "It is better to let people think you are stupid than to open your mouth and confirm their fears."

  7. "P.S. Multiple tests HAVE proven that radio waves from cellphones CAN ignite gasoline fumes… …Where did you get your information from?"

    Where did you get yours because that is ABSOLUTELY FALSE. Radio Signals from Cellular Phones have never caused even one ignition of Gasoline, not even when they experimentally attempted to CAUSE IT ON PURPOSE.

  8. P.S. Multiple tests HAVE proven that radio waves from cellphones CAN ignite gasoline fumes, no1unorightnow! Many states have warnings on their fuel pumps warning customers not to use cellphones while fueling. Where did you get your information from?

  9. There was no cellphone in this video, no1unorightnow, and this video has nothing to do with cell phones! The woman in the video returned to her car, picked her feet off the ground and charged her body with static electricity from the car. She, then, grabbed the fuel nozzle without grounding herself. The resulting spark touched off the fire. You should pay attention to what you are looking at before you criticize.

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