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George Harrison – My Sweet Lord – Lyrics – jj

George Harrison – My Sweet Lord – Lyrics

MY SWEET LORD – George Harrison’s worldwide hit single from his brilliant ALL THINGS MUST PASS album.



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  1. Hello my dear song by there got you in heaven Alameda spray directly to you so you can hear me so you can feel this poor honest person begging you for the whole wide world the whole wide world to be blessed to be shame would you power 5 it you can do it because I suffering for everybody why is the price of food for everybody nobody's home friend from me and in my bed I pray for my enemies I pray for you clean my heart my soul my blood in front of you so I can be with you one day thank you Father bless all the people who give you those doors Stalin America last American happy all those people who knows our sons our history and our card I am right here your brother to ask you to forgive all my sins of everybody who listen to this woman that is a special pray for everyone who perform an Italian they are bill for American left thank you Father thank you to entire nation be blessed by you and you don't know why you do this why is this separation between you and us that we have to work in very hard to because you thank you thank you very God bless you I hope that everybody listen to display is the Lord Our Shepherd for The Horde Live sign

  2. I am a 70s child and loved this song as a kid. I am now hitting 50 and it still gives me goose bumps. GH was always my fav Beatle as he had such a sensative soul. This song seemed like it was something he wanted to say for a very long time. Powerful music by the best . RIP beatuiful man

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