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Here's The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 In Rose Gold – jj

Here's The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 In Rose Gold


Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active2 has leaked a couple of times already with the most recent leak showcasing the clearest look at its final design. That leak showed off the watch in Black, but a new leak shows off what the watch will look like in a second color; Rose Gold.

Alongside the newly leaked Rose Gold version and the Black model shown off earlier this week there is rumored to be a third color of the watch that has yet to leak in the form of an official press render. A Silver model which was part of a of a rumor about the watch from back at the end of June.

The Rose Gold model, leaked earlier this afternoon by Evan Blass, looks almost more Pink than Rose Gold, and will most certainly be Samsung’s aim to target this upcoming sport watch to women who prefer a watch with more of a splash of color as opposed to the more neutral Black and Silver colors.

There’s still no word yet on a release date for the smartwatch but it isn’t likely to be anytime soon if you consider the timing of release for the original Galaxy Watch Active which was just only recently launched back in April of 2019. It’s also unlikely that Samsung has plans to launch the new watch at its upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event given that it’s happening on August 7 which is just a few weeks away at this point and is only around four months after the original Watch Active launch.

It could however, choose to announce it and let people know that it’s already in development. There’s nothing to suggest it might do so other than leaked press renders popping up so close to the launch of the original model and the upcoming event for the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10+. I could just as easily hold off on any official announcements until a much later time in the year, but with official renders of both the watch and its upcoming phone chances are higher that it has a reveal planned for the watch on August 7 as well.

One thing in particular to pay attention to is the strap connected to the watch in this image of the Rose Gold model. This is very clearly a silicone strap, or it would seem as it looks quite different than the one shown in the leaked image of the Black version of the watch, which very clearly comes with a leather strap.

This provides further evidence that Samsung will potentially have multiple options for strap choices when you select a Watch Active2 for purchase. It’s also possible that it may give users both a leather and silicone strap of their choice.

Silicone seems like the better option if this is a watch that’s designed to focus more on the “Active” aspect of a smartwatch, but people are likely to wear it more than just when they’re out for a run, and a leather strap is bound to be more fashionable for such times, which is why it might give consumers both, or simply offer both so consumers can pick up one in addition to the other if they prefer to have a separate strap for separate occasions and activities.

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