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High Stakes Poker | Season 1 – Episode 10 – jj

High Stakes Poker | Season 1 – Episode 10

High Stakes Poker : Season 1 : Episode 10
Producers : Henry Orenstein, Mori Eskandani
Production location : Nevada
Running time : 43 minutes
Original network : GSN
Original release : 2006


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  1. When you flop top 2 pair and lose, that is really brutal. However when you play Ace-4 off suit and call 3 bets, flop turn and river , when you can only beat a bluff that is called ' playing bad poker' that play by Hellmuth with A-4 was horrible he was way off his game at that point. Hellmuth on full tilt after losing 3 big hands vs Mr Greenstein 🙂

  2. Negreanu with, “I welcome Phil anytime to cash games” meanwhile while running bad also playing horrible stuck 750k in this game. Negreanu is and always has been a cash game weak player. He only plays well when no diversity shows up

  3. Calling Doyle's all-in with a 10 High flush draw, with two Aces on the board, wasn't "questionable" — it was fucking stupid! Get el Andy in that game. Holy fuck, these idiots over-value everything.

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