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How To Be Found By The Man You've Been Looking For — Michelle McKinney-Hammond – jj

How To Be Found By The Man You've Been Looking For — Michelle McKinney-Hammond

Moira Brown speaks with Michelle McKinney-Hammond about her book, “How To Be Found By The Man You’ve Been Looking For”. ; Michelle …



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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Reading Michelles' books helped me to become more satisfied and focused as a single woman and I was able to be more productive in fulling my call while waiting. God has an amazing plan for all of us and in the fullness of time, He is faithful. I am so happy for her.

  2. Ty 4 sharing. Congratulations Michelle. I've been single almost 7 years & go about doing God's business as a single in the season of my life, but continue 2 pray 4 a husband, God willing.
    God bless u all.

  3. OMG thank you so much for this message. I have always known God wants a relationship with me but I have been so stubborn.. God shows up all day everyday in so many beauyiful ways.. with my stubbornness am losing seriously.
    I just give up!

  4. nice…I am glad that i found this video.very inspiring i have my bf now but he is far from me,but he plans to meet me this coming november.i hope and pray that this man is the answer of my prayers.Jesus I Trust In You!!!1

  5. Where is this idea of being promised husbands coming from? I am single and I think of God as my first husband (Isa 54:5) and choose to submit to his will be it singleness or marriage (Prov 18:22). Singleness is preferred but marriage is still biblically ok(1 Cor. 7:2, 27-28, 33-34). A limited notion of marriage seeks to fulfil lust but God ordained marriage for companionship, mutual help and comfort (Prov 31,Eccl 4:9-16,Gen 2:18)…not just for sex.

  6. I know what you mean…but just be careful you don't set a deadline and start doing things in desperation. Sometimes people get married because of the pressure to do it by a certain age only to wind up divorced and as single parents later. Also there is no guarantee that being married means you will have kids. I am not trying to be cruel I am single and I know where you are coming from, after some painful experiences I am choosing to wait patiently on God.

  7. I am the same age as this beautiful lady, and I have been single now for almost 19 years. I had 2 horrendous relationships before this, and God has been my husband for the last 19 years. I hope God still has the right one for me—

  8. I heard something that made me open my mind, "When you are willing to wait forever, you won't have long to wait." What that is saying, we must be able to honestly wait patiently on God, and when He is able to see that we are not making a relationship with the opposite sex a stronghold, He will manifest His glory! It will come SMFitness!

  9. Rose Van Wyk, don't feel that you are the only one. I have observed that as well. It makes me wonder at times. However God is faithful. Even though we don't see the "promise" if you KNOW God gave you a "promise" of a husband and it's been confirmed in dreams and by someone else who was also given word by God that it is His will, then keep holding on! 😀

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