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How to Cook Pinto Beans and Eliminate the Gas They Cause – jj

How to Cook Pinto Beans and Eliminate the Gas They Cause

Technique for making pinto beans more digestible by eliminating the element that causes gas, oligosaccharides ( indigestible sugar). Pinto beans are a good …



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  1. Pintos are great made with rice and I mix my rice with quinoa, a grain from South America which is very high in protein. This mixture can be used 50/50 in a rice cooker and is equally good in Mexican cuisine or Oriental cooking. And should work for Southern cooking.

    I eat Vegan and I do use a lot of beans and yes gas is a problem. But taking probiotics helps as this aids in digestion. We often don't have a good micro-biome due to the use of antibiotics. Some products have natural probiotics like sour kraut and kimchi. This helps to deal with a greater amount of vegetable matter and helps lessen gas as another means of coping with gas.

    When I went vegan, gas was a daily problem. No longer such a problem as once the probiotics grow and replace the bacteria which help digest meat are gone, the healthy gut bacteria will not be overwhelmed with gas. But this is not an overnight fix. Yes, watching where protein comes from is important as a vegan but using grains along with eating beans also reduces gas. Mixing other foods like the dumplings or even adding potatoes with the beans is another means of reducing the gas.

    Love your videos.

  2. I've watched so many of your videos how in the world did I miss this one? I'm definitely trying this method of cooking them and passing it on to my friend because she loves pintos also. I've never had dumplings in them but it sounds delicious. Thanks so much Phyllis for another educational video, I have learned so much thru you.

  3. Thank you dear Phyllis, for showing how to make the Pinto beans and eliminate most of the gas! I have problems with the gas. And I LOVE that you do NOT edit your videos…REALITY videos you call them 😉 So many people edit so much out of their videos, and change the amounts when editing, that your end product is never like theirs! It's nice and refreshing to see that you show some of the mistakes that I often make. You seem SO real and down to heart that way! Thank you for this recipe! I'm going to be making these now…God Bless you always dear soul. I pray for you every night before I pray for anyone else, and that's a lot of people! You are just SO sweet, that I wish we lived closer. God be with you in your journey ahead of you. I will be there with you in spirit! {{{{HUGS!}}}}….Diana Lynn In Milwaukee, Wisconsin….

  4. Why would anyone want to eat beans if they don't give you gas? This recipe will stop you from destroying a carload of sleeping people. My brother made a co-worker throw up one morning when he was hung over. When I eat beans women follow me around like Pac Man. I think this recipe is illegal

  5. I see I'm not the only one who watched this video all the way through. Who knew a video about eliminating gas could be so mesmerizing? I think it's Phyllis's voice that draws you in and won't let go. I'll be buying pinto beans tomorrow and trying this. Thanks.

  6. My mother makes them in a roaster type pot she calls a Dutch oven . and she cooks the in the oven . often in the fall and winter she cooks them on low all through the night . and it also helps heat the house

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