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In 3 lakh, this business will help up to 2.5 lakh, the government will earn 8000 months – business opportuniy start beauty parlor business new business idea with 3 lakh earn 8 thousand month – jj

In 3 lakh, this business will help up to 2.5 lakh, the government will earn 8000 months – business opportuniy start beauty parlor business new business idea with 3 lakh earn 8 thousand month


At today's time, everybody wants to start their business by getting bothered by the job. Thinking that millions of rupees should be needed to start a business, some people take this thought out of their mind. But you can also earn without any investment. This scheme of Government will help you. Under the government's money scheme, the government gives you financial help in starting a beauty parlor business. You can start this business in Rs. 3 lakhs, in which you will get loan of Rs. 2.5 lakhs with government help.

Beauty Parlor Business

If you have a place in the house then you can start a beauty parlor business in the home. If you want to start renting a place in the market, then you have that option too. If the service is good then the number of your customers will increase automatically. The total expenditure for doing this business is Rs. 3 lakhs. It has fixed capital of Rs 2 lakh 32 thousand in which it includes all the expenses like machinery, equipment, chair, mirror and furniture.

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Also, to start this business, you need a working capital of Rs 68 thousand. This includes staff salaries, rent, electricity, water, telephone bill, in addition to expenses like raw materials such as shampoo, dye, facial cream, wax and towel, which take one month.

Profit for up to 7.5 thousand every month

To boost the small industry, the structure that NSIC has made for the beauty parlor business, will make you a net profit of 66400 rupees annually. If you add the definition of 23200 rupees in this year then you will have Rs 89,600 cash surplus (including profit) in the year. In this way, you will get profits of up to Rs 7.5 thousand per month. At the same time, to start this business, you have to charge only 60 thousand rupees from you. This investment will also go within 1 year.

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How to get help from the government

In this you have to get 60 thousand rupees with you. The term loan will be 1.85 lakh rupees. Working capital loan will be 54,400 rupees.

These things should start for this business

You must have a place for this. If you do not have a place then it can be taken on rent, for which you have to give rent for 3 thousand rupees. In Manpower, a beautician, 2 beauty experts and 1 helper have to be placed. All of them will be spent on the salary of Rs 20,000, which has been added to the working capital.

How will profit
Annual expense to start this business: 6,83,600 rupees annually

Annual Revenue: 7,50,000 rupees annually

Net Profit: 66,400 rupees annually

For the whole year, demand for this product, start at just 90 thousand.

Add a deficit of 23200 rupees to the net profit which is included in the annual expenditure. That is, this is the cash surplus. In this way you will save Rs. 89600 in your hands annually.

Profit of the month: About 7,500

Apollo for such a loan

You can apply for this in any bank under the Prime Minister's Money Scheme. For this, you will have to fill in a form in which to give details – name, address, business address, education, current income and how much loan. There would not have been any processing fees or guaranteed fees. The loan amount can be returned in 5 years.

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