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Insurance coverage expands for Missouri children with disabilities – jj

Insurance coverage expands for Missouri children with disabilities


Law for children with disabilities

A new law will allow children living with disabilities in Missouri to have greater access to therapy.

Governor Mike Parson signed Senate Bill 514 which requires insurances to cover therapies for children with developmental disabilities. 

Missouri law already requires insurance companies to provide coverage for children with Autism.

Fully-funded insurance plans will start covering physical, occupational and speech therapy for all children with disabilities, said Missouri Disability Empowerment President Robyn Schelp.

“It’s huge when you’re having three to four therapies a week, and thousands of dollars that you spend,” she said.

Schelp hopes the new law will help families who couldn’t afford therapy in the past.

“This is going to open the door for families getting therapies and hopefully we can get some therapists into rural Missouri because there’s such a gap,” she said.

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