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iPhone 11 More Leaks Indicate Apple May Drop the 3D Touch Altogether – jj

iPhone 11 More Leaks Indicate Apple May Drop the 3D Touch Altogether


The first bit of information coming through on the launch of the new iPhones this year is that Apple may stretch it till the third or even the last week of September to hold the launch event. There are some more rumors being circulated in a series of predictions and guesses running for the past several weeks and months. One of the latest ones suggests that this year’s three iPhones will not come with the 3D Touch technology.

Cost Consideration the Reason for Dropping 3D Touch

The 3D Touch technology is considered a security feature and the iPhones used to offer it as a unique facility on its phones. Apple has been looking at bringing down the cost of production of the iPhones so that it can make some price modifications and look at selling more phones. The under-display fingerprint scanner will remain the key method for secure login.

Some of the other features like the OLED screens on the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Max will continue and the XR variant will be provided with the LCD panel.

Apple iPhone 11

Some First-Time Features to be Seen

Apple will still have its hands full with the triple camera setup in the rear seen for the first time in an iPhone. The predictions continue to insist that the USB-C type connector will be seen on these iPhones for the first time, replacing the lightning connectors.

The last area of interest for many followers of Apple’s technology will be how the new OS, iOS 13 performs. Apart from the dark mode about which a lot has been written and demonstrated, there are privacy enhancement features being anticipated. There is the expectation too that the iOS 13 in combination with the new processor and a larger sized battery will offer a better or longer battery life on all the three models.

If it is Apple, buyers will want to know how the devices will be priced. Expect no great surprises this year as the main two models, the iPhone 11 and 11 Max may have prices starting at the $1000 and $1100 levels respectively. The XR variant could go for around $800.

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