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iPhone X, iPhone XS Max Prices May Drop as Apple to Start Selling its Made in India iPhone Soon – jj

iPhone X, iPhone XS Max Prices May Drop as Apple to Start Selling its Made in India iPhone Soon


Reuters published a report citing unnamed sources that Apple is ready to begin mass-producing flagship iPhones in India. In fact, the source suggests the units could begin hitting the Indian market as early as August this year. Chinese’s Foxconn has its own set up in India where it will produce the phones for Indian markets and luckily, the Cupertino-based company will be able to bring down the prices of iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS in India post-production.

The source insisted on being unnamed as the news hasn’t actually been made public. However, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co of India which is popularly known as Foxconn has set up a new manufacturing unit in India that would allow it to produce newer iPhones thereby reducing the cost of import that Apple is required to pay to get fully-built iPhones from outside India.

Although Apple and Samsung have been the industry leader for a decade now in terms of units shipped, Apple recently downgraded to the second position after Huawei took over the first runner up to the throne. Apple has also cited a downfall in its iPhone sales in India, China, and a few other markets due to its high cost which is one of the reasons why brands like OnePlus thrived in India while Apple which has been around for years has picked only 1% of the market share.

Apple currently manufactures iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, and the latest addition i.e. iPhone 7 that was added in April this year. These devices are manufactured in Wistron Corp local unit in Bengaluru which the tech giant sells them under ‘Made in India’ branding with relatively lower price tags.

According to Rushah Doshi who is a research director at Canalys (tech consultancy), one Apple sets up its mass production for high-end iPhones in India, it could find a way to lower the cost of production, provide distributors and others with their fair share while reducing the price of the phones indirectly that would surely help boost iPhone sales in India.

The Steve Job’s tech giant is about to reveal its next iPhone series touted as iPhone XI or iPhone 11 with plans on launching iPhones with 5G next year probably. There’s a lot at stake as India is presently one of the most thriving smartphone markets after China and this is why Apple keeps trying to guide customers into buying their iPhones which are ridiculously expensive. For instance, an iPhone 7that was introduced three years ago still has a price tag of Rs 37,900 or $540 which is considerably high when it comes to user’s preferences and spending trends in India.



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